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If you have been living in the South of Spain for almost ten years, you can be surprised by the effect of the “green summer light” in the North of Europe. I found myself wandering around with my camera in the fields that surround my former home town in the Netherlands.

I was impressed by the brilliance of fresh green leaves, waving in a gentle wind, as if I had never seen it before.

It inspired me to integrate a reflection of “the green experience” inside the house that is situated on the edge of town, an area that´s recognized now as natural space. From there you make beautiful walks towards the border of Belgium, following the small river through an almost authentic landscape.

Downstairs you find a reflection of “the green experience” becoming part of the interior, while upstairs “water and air” give space to a Mediterranean impression. The best of both worlds connected in the comfort of a house, “a hiding place” where you can live and dream beyond the limits.


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