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artist statement

Translating the words “madera de deriva” into the Dutch language means “native of” or “coming from”. “Drifting” is translated to “nomadic”; an interesting contradiction or may be not…? Playing with words, understanding subtle and profound meanings could be considered as part of my work. 

 I am an artist who likes to write. ESPECIALLY Over the last few years I integrated photography as an important element in my work, inspired by the intense light of the region where I CURRENTLY live (Málaga, Spain) and the sensation of being surrounded by endless space, always. Simultaneously the fact of being immersed in another society that differs from my original culture, has certainly had aN influence on my work.
I found myself being a migrant now, however a fortunate one, (re)considering many things; what does it mean to adapt to another culture and what does it mean to others? 

Living close to the border, almost between Europe and Africa, made me realise that we are only separated by a thin, invisible line; the differences, the possibilities that define our lives, expectations, personal circumstances and the future…Of our planet for example. How do we relate to our planet, the supposed climate change? What's the influence of our human existence on earth's natural resources and how could we reach an acceptable balance between our needs and the exploitation of the planet?

In my art, photos and writings, I am researching a way to convey and define what I started to call "the soul of aesthetics" or "the aesthetics of the soul". Aesthetics is of course a very stretchable concept which carries the ability to transform the ugly into something precious and vice versa, in relation to prevailing contemporary views.

The so-called transformation of the ugly into something beautiful and vice versa connects,   CONTRASTING things and disciplines with each other. Undisturbed by rules, with a free mind, developing disciplines connected in mutual relationships. This gives me another reason to persist in what I have mastered in my work during the past years, emphasizING on a humanitarian approach and the presence of personal stories.

Despite criticisms that there always should be a clear line. I don’t want to limit myself to a single discipline, material or subject. I believe that the cross-pollination, the mixing of different disciplines, creates a fascinating overall picture, which can nevertheless be dissected into small splinter parts again. This involves a focus down to the detail and at the same time the possibility of zooming out to a broader perspective.

A philosophical approach, WHICH COULD lead to a definition of aesthetics in the actual context, Stating that “aesthetics” is the basis of mankind in relation to nature, the core of mankind as the reason for existence.


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